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© Laure-Anne Iserief


There are four of them. Living in a box. A box that has never been opened. Life runs smoothly in their small world. Until the box breaks and falls apart. All of a sudden, they find themselves confronted with an outside world, an audience and the gaze of others.

They are being watched for the first time. But, do they want to be seen?


What follows is a nervous game of hide and seek, of showing themselves and blending in, of being there and disappearing in the background. But, in the meantime, life must go on. But how? What to do? Will they manage to repair the box and restore their former life, or will they find a way to exist in this new reality? Will they try to stay safe within the boundaries of the usual or will they have the guts to look beyond? 


© Vincent Langouche

THIS SIDE UP is a visual and bodily performance, that aims at an audience from the age of 4. It is offered either as a school or family performance in seasons 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

CONCEPT & PERFORMANCE Carli Gellings, Heleen Desmet, Sabien Van Moorter & Silke Verslype

SCENOGRAPHY Timme Afschrift
MUSIC Jan Van Balen

COACHING Bram Kelchtermans
PHOTOGRAPHY Laure-Anne Iserief
CO-PRODUCTION 30CC, C-mine, Fameus & HET LAB - Hasselt
THANKS TO fABULEUS, ’t Werkhuys, hetpaleis, Vincent Van den Bossche, Pieter Gellings, Filip Bilsen, Adriaan Van de Velde & Steven Beersmans

© Laure-Anne Iserief

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